I see more GI distress in my practice than any other symptom. It is no surprise that many people carry antacids or laxatives in their pockets for when the discomfort arises. These pesky symptoms include gas, bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and others. It can be tricky to tackle because of the huge variety of causes, ranging from food sensitivities to congested liver to gallbladder disease to bacteria, among others. Through a detailed investigation, my clients and I collaborate on their past and present histories to find the root causes of their symptoms.

The symptom I most commonly see is gas and bloating about an hour after eating. From an Ayurvedic perspective, chewing your food until it’s a paste and eating the right foods for doshic constitution are two very important tactics to eliminate bloating. In Ayurveda, there are different constitutions (body energies) that dictate what foods are best for each individual. I often use this as a guide to treat my clients. In Ayurveda, bloating is excess Vata (air and ether). From another modality, yoga poses that can decrease bloating are ones that are grounding, stabilizing and strengthening such as standing hip closing poses like warrior 1 and 3, or corpse pose- Savasana. In chiropractic, adjusting T4, T5, and T6 improve digestive health, by stimulating viscero-neuronal health as well as working with a possible hiatal hernia.

Gas and bloating are often food sensitivities or gallbladder issues. If the symptoms include pain, it becomes a grander picture. It is important to gather a very detailed history to see how involved the symptoms are. Does gas and bloating lead to diarrhea, or to constipation? Is there burping? Smelly gas? It may seem silly to investigate so deeply, but each sign and symptom is a very specific expression of your body trying to say something. Finding out exactly what foods and methods work best for your digestion is my specialty.

Each client receives a unique protocol to improve their health. I use nutritional guidance, herbs, yoga, and lifestyle coaching to tackle this digestive discomfort. Experiencing life with abdominal or digestive distress is frustrating and unnecessary. So before you reach for your Pepto Bismol, antacid, or laxative, keep in mind there are ways to address and resolve the root cause, to be free of these symptoms!

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