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The Importance of Rest

Take a look at your day. How much of it was spent working, driving, talking, planning, and doing? How many moments were you free to look at the clouds, deeply enjoy the many flavors of your meal, or staring out of the window and smile at the kids playing down the street? Chances are, those […]


What is Zyto?

At East West Wellness of Marin we may perform a ZYTO analysis to better understand your health status. ZYTO can be a useful tool for delving deeper into many health concerns. ZYTO scans are a stimulus-response exchange between the computer and your body. The response generated by your body’s energetic system provides comprehensive information, and […]


GI Distress (Gas and bloating)

I see more GI distress in my practice than any other symptom. It is no surprise that many people carry antacids or laxatives in their pockets for when the discomfort arises. These pesky symptoms include gas, bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and others. It can be tricky to tackle because of the huge variety of […]

KETO vs PALEO – The Difference

There is no one diet that is best for everyone but depending on what you want from your food, or diet, understanding the differences are important. The main difference between these two types of low carbohydrate diets are the ratios. It is very important to note that neither are high protein diets. If you consume […]


Acne — Again?!

I raised three kids and saw them through their childhood, pimply adolescence, and now adulthood. Acne, usually considered to be a teenage symptom, has reemerged in my practice with young adults through menopausal women. Men and women have come to see me very confused about their once-smooth face showing blackheads, whiteheads, and cystic lesions. Frequently, […]

“What is My Dosha”? For Dummies

Often misunderstood or asked, “What is my dosha”? the following is a basis for understanding the 3 doshas that encompass all of us but in differing amounts. Ayurvedic medicine has been a large part of my practice for many years now. It is an Ancient science, before Acupuncture, and its goal was to keep people […]

What is Potassium Bromide Doing in My Bread?

For folks who eat bread beware. Potassium Bromide has been banned in many countries because of the link to cancer in rats Well, not the US. It has been banned in China and is illegal in the European Union, Canada, Brazil and elsewhere. Since 1914, when it was patented to be used as a food […]

Closed Head Traumatic Brain Injury

One of the most common injuries is head injuries. On occasion, who doesn’t walk into open cabinets or hit their head on something that wasn’t supposed to be there?! Kids fall all of the time and hit their heads. Sometimes we hit our heads so hard we lose consciousness for a few seconds. Football players […]