Patient Information

Your Initial Appointment

Your first visit involves a thorough examination and evaluation of your current health conditions.

On your appointment day, please bring your completed New Patient Intake Packet (or completed Chiropractic Intake form), your insurance card, and your personal identification (i.e., driver’s license, state identification). Be sure to complete all intake forms prior to your appointment so we can dedicate all of your appointment time to your care.

Payment is expected at time of service. We accept personal checks, cash, Visa, and Master Card, along with any insurance benefits. Please plan to pay any co-pays or fees not covered by your insurance company.

East West Wellness of Marin is pleased to bill your insurance for chiropractic care. We are out-of-network.


We want to thoroughly understand your health condition to be certain that you are a good candidate for care in our practice. Therefore, we will ask questions related to how your condition began, what makes your symptoms better or worse, the severity of your symptoms, how long you have had them, along with other related aspects of your health condition.


A physical examination will follow your consultation. If indicated by this exam, we will recommend diagnostic testing. After ruling out conditions that require an immediate medical referral, we will perform an evaluation of your neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Nutrition and Treatment

Your examination will be followed by the appropriate treatment. Our nutritional patients should expect to receive their nutritional testing and nutritional recommendations at this point in their visit. After your treatment, the practitioner will advise a series of visits to help monitor your body as it heals.


Our diagnostics include state-of-the-art tools like Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Kinesiology. We utilizes the following laboratory analysis:
Saliva testing through Diagnostech
Blood and urine through Labcorp
Hair Analysis through Analytical Research Labs

Insurance Payments

Your insurance benefits will be verified upon presentation of your insurance card. However, we recommend that you contact your insurance provider to verify your chiropractic benefits prior to your initial visit.

You are responsible for any portion of your visit not covered by your insurance, and we cannot guarantee coverage; this includes co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

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