Your health is unique, so your treatment should be too.

What to Expect

Modern medicine is pretty confusing. You know your health is more than a prescribed pill once a day. Whole health is looking at the whole picture. If you’re ready to have some guidance looking at the whole picture, this is what you can expect:

First, we’ll set up a phone call or appointment at my office to talk about you. We’ll go over your health, your lifestyle and eating habits, and begin designing a plan specific to your health. I’ll also answer your questions about cost and insurance.

After our first consultation phone call or visit, we’ll schedule regular sessions based on your personalized health plan. During in person sessions, we may use various testing techniques to learn more about you. Our sessions can be in person at my office or online via Zoom. Before our first scheduled appointment, you’ll need to complete these forms. 


To achieve greater well being is to treat the whole person with a combination of healing practices that best address the client’s unique needs.  After a thorough assessment, client ayurvedic treatment plans may include:

Chiropractic Care


Movement with dance, yoga, and pranayama (the breath)

Ready to take the next step towards whole health? 

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