I’ve been to a number of chiropractors and will stay with Dr. Bernstein. She not only takes time to understand my problems, and works sensitively on my injured neck (my problem area) to make me feel better, but has also inspired me to do gentle yoga. She is personable and easy to talk with. – Louise N. (Yelp)

Eve is amazing! She helped me when I was in crippling pain and knew what the problem was immediately. She is patient and thorough and I’ve happily recommended her to friends and family without hesitation. She’s an absolute wonder. – Judy Stern

I started going to Eve in 1990 and she is a “healer”. In my opinion her hands just know how to diagnose my pain; and how to heal it. I have recommended many people to her over the years and all have been happy with her treatment. I think she is the best. – Nelson Barry III

I have known Eve for well over 30 years. When she started as a chiropractor, I became a patient. Eve is an excellent practitioner and is very, very knowledgable. Her background in dance, yoga and movement in general has informed her practice and given her insight providing her with good instincts in treating her patients. – Deborah A.Farkas

Dr. Bernstein has taught me to take care of myself. I can fix myself! – Lou Stein

Eve is awesome. She understands the body and knows what is going on before I even tell her. She sees it and fixes it. – Sue Winer

Dr. Eve was initially referred to me for chiropractic care, so I came to see her for spine health, as I tend to have a few trouble spots in my back and neck. I didn’t realize that I would be coming to see a chiropractor, Ayurveda practitioner, yoga tutor, herbalist and nutritionist all in one: a holistic primary care physician (who accepts insurance!). She is down to earth, caring, real (no BS!) and fun too.
After tweaking my back in yoga one day and barely able to get out of bed or drive my car, Dr. Eve was the only one of three holistic health practitioners who was able to provide immediate relief as well as empowerment that I would be ok and could safely use my body. I remember walking out of her office standing up straight and feeling capable, rather than a victim of life circumstances, which left a great impression on me.
As I got to know Dr. Eve, we began discussing some of my other health challenges, including digestion. Her herbal concoctions and supplement offerings along with nutrition counseling have helped me understand more fully what works & doesn’t work for my body, allowing me to take greater control of my digestion and have a more harmonious diet.
She also helped me identify sources of chronic fatigue, and through accessing the right blood work, a liver detox program, and high quality supplements I saw a big jump in my energy in just a few weeks, enhancing my mood and bringing my spirits up.
In the past year of working with Dr. Eve, she has supported me through a myriad of health challenges, from acute to chronic issues, and has used many different tools for assessment and care. I can approach her for musculoskeletal, internal medicine, and lifestyle support, and trust that she has tools to share for my own self-care as well. – Melanie